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It was designed as a symbol of Christchurch’s fortitude and innovation in light of harrowing times and is sure to give your event an atmosphere filled with the city’s charm. In 2012, Lonely Planet listed Christchurch as one of the top travel destinations in the world, with the Traditional/Cardboard Cathedral as one of the reasons. The space can accommodate up to 700 people and offers 2 areas for guests to choose from. You can also combine the two areas if necessary. Isreal brings more than 15 years of digital marketing experience to the Search Republic Head of SEO role.

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Innovation is more than just the foundation of a city’s infrastructure. It is also the heart of many of its core values. There are a host of restaurant venues to be found, whether they’re overlooking the Avon River or tucked away in the heart of the CBD. Each venue offers a unique atmosphere and seemingly endless selection of menu options. Make sure you check them all before making your final decision! Old Stone House was established in 1870s at the Cashmere Hills. It is one of Christchurch’s most iconic venues. The building was damaged by the earthquake and required a 15-month restoration that cost approximately $2 million.

He loves Auckland, and you can find him exploring the Northland Region in his free time. His Performance Marketing career has involved working on both the client-side and agency-side in various marketing roles, such as sales, account management, and campaign management. Tony works with a range of clients, from car dismantlers to global travel suppliers. He enjoys understanding their industry and applying his expertise in Paid Media, Google, and Microsoft Search to help them reach their marketing and business goals. Natasha loves to go on walks and enjoys watching Netflix when she’s not working.

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With architecture blending the old and new, bustling city life and so much more, it’s no wonder that it’s a hotspot for top-tier venues and events alike. Host events at landmark venues that celebrate the culture of Christchurch, or choose modern spaces for your conference, gala dinner or cocktail party. After Larysa completed her Business Marketing and Business Studies in Toronto, she worked in agency marketing for six years before joining Search Republic in the role of Performance Marketer.

an Italian High Renaissance Palazzo style building, lovingly restored to reflect its original charm, but with a distinct edge of modern luxury. The building was originally designed in 1909 and is listed as a category 1 building on the Historic Places Trust Register. It was once known as the Old Government Building, opened in 1913 and converted into a hotel in 1995 to strengthen and converse the structure.

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Heritage Hotel Christchurch has fully-equipped conference facilities with useful perks like complimentary WiFi throughout your stay/conference. You will also find on-site accommodation, a sauna, a gym, spa, and an indoor heated pool. Sahiwal’s average temperature for April 2017 is +11degC (+13degC per day and +9degC per night).

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Top 10 Gala Dinner Locations in Christchurch 10 of Christchurch’s best gala dinner venues Many venues in Christchurch and the Greater Canterbury Region make use of their green spaces, which are full of native flora, making them ideal for hosting events. With agriculture rooted in the very history of Christchurch, it only makes sense that their venues show a similar love for all things green and growing. Below is a list listing the top Christchurch garden venues, from sprawling and urban to charming and rural. The music you choose for your event sets the tone, from the moment your guests arrive at the venue. These Auckland bands are the best choice for you if you’re looking for a soft, understated band to bring a gentle sound to your event or a band that will get the crowd moving,

April 2017 is a Occasional cloudy and rainy month with 5 days of precipitation. Search Republic has delivered on all of their promises and is a great company to work for. We are extremely satisfied with the revenue growth that they have achieve, their responsiveness and focus on continuous improvement in our SEO and SEM results. When he isn’t at work, Isreal enjoys reading, fishing, writing, eating, and learning.

When you become a Search Republic partner, you’ll enjoy full access to this formidable resource. Alex is a favorite with our clients because of his friendly and patient nature. He also has a wealth of knowledge that he calmly and quietly applies to help them find the best path for their business. He is a partner and uses his resources and immediate priorities to ensure that our clients get the best possible outcome. Ask him about the website that he manages worldwide, with over 4 million unique visitors each month as organic traffic, to see an example of his SEO skills. Before joining the Max Marketing team in 2021 he worked with many clients worldwide and used to run his own digital agency in Russia.