Content Marketing Made Simple

A Digital Marketing Manager or Sales and Marketing Manager will utilise key channels and platforms to boost brand awareness and site traffic, generate growth, and rank well using search engine optimisation. These channels can be optimized to support your business’s sales strategy with a data analytics platform such as Google Analytics. Finally, we analyse reactions and refine strategy and execution as necessary to get you the most successful, and profitable outcome.

Digital communications can be built and published to customers via the ASB website, digital branch screen screens, and our authenticated channels. Working with us and other specialists from SCG gives you direct access to a large team of content creators to deploy that content across multiple channels. Ahrefs takes the guesswork out of basic keyword research to give you a solid jumping-off point for any campaign. It is also great for daily tracking purposes, such as current keyword rankings, keywords used by competitors, traffic rates, etc. Grammarly is essential for spotting spelling and grammar errors that could ruin a blog post or piece copy.

When customers make a purchase decision they will be loyal to you. They will purchase your productand prefer it over competitors’ options. You can tell your story well, whether it’s thought leadership or a “how-to” story about a project. Your audience will be able to prequalify themselves if they like what you do.

You’re here to learn about the benefits of each option and when to use which one. Although content marketing has one goal, there are many other ways to achieve it. In a world with social media, endless Internet space, self-publishing companies, and free graphic design tools, the strategies you can use to attract paying customers are as varied as the fish in the sea.

It’s not only about providing valuable, high-quality content, but also providing it in the right form. Blog posts are the best way to tell great stories and build great products around them. And I shouldn’t have to tell you about how powerful video content marketing is.

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