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Data is a great source of business intelligence once you have launched a campaign. It gives you valuable insight into what is working well and which elements need to be optimised. Vine Digital’s paid media specialists are all skilled in data consulting, data management and it is a key part of what they do. Web Antler offers data and analytics expertise to businesses well as big-agency specialist skills. We are 100% hands-on and focused on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager setup configurations, right through to data reporting, analysis, and insights. You can get the best insights by partnering with experts who understand your website traffic sources, website-user journeys and other factors.

Based on this info, digital marketers can then develop tailored strategies to target these potential customers and improve your conversion rates. But in the hands of an expert, Google Analytics can be extremely valuable to your digital marketing efforts. Most importantly, it can tell you what type of people visit your website; which sites they come from; and which pages they spend time on. It can even indicate which products or services they are most interested in.

Keyword data from search engines can also provide valuable insight into what to focus on in your SEO campaign. It can also help you decide what content you should include on your site. Data can also indicate technical issues on your website that could impact your digital results. Data analytics is used in every element of SEO; after launch and implementation, tools like Google Analytics track user movements, as well as the impact of changes to the search engines’ algorithms. Our online marketing agency can help maximize the time you have to capture your niche market. Audience and keyword research help us build websites that get found at the top of searches with teaser messages that get clicked, and web content that provides helpful solutions to your online users.

We have decades of experience and a deep understanding of data science in the financial, health and tech industries so we can provide actionable insights for you. You have the ability to target and reach most of your potential customers online through various digital marketing platforms. Online marketing is also data-driven, which means it can be measured and predicted. Data analytics was created to assist online advertising agencies in achieving optimal results. These insights allow our marketing agents to make informed decisions when optimising or creating campaign strategies.

If a given email performs much better than the previous ones, you can use this insight to tailor future email outreach. The application, hosted on Azure, won Microsoft NZ’s Innovative Software Product of the Year award in 2015, and they’re shortlisted again this year for the Microsoft NZ partner business application award. LexisNexis engaged our SEO services in multiple countries many years ago. Their goal was to improve keyword rankings and drive organic traffic to their core service landing pages. By optimising multi-channel campaigns and automating repetitive tasks we can bring you the customers you desire. We put your brand in front the right people and increase conversions by using technology in an intelligent way.

Paid advertising is all about data, and our specialists love digging into the numbers every month. Data is your next big exposure opportunity. We can help you discover it. Dedicated data analytics expert on hand to share a wealth of expertise. We combine the passion of a start-up with a collaborative, calm, can-do company culture with no ‘account manager’ in the way. You may have already found that plug-and-play Google Analytics data can be excruciatingly underwhelming – especially when the data you thought would be there, isn’t. If it is correctly configured, you will have many relevant data sets to work with.

We provide user journey insights and help you to create a contingency plan for your future growth. We offer a free, no obligation assessment of your online marketing strategy. This will help you make informed decisions about your business growth. Enterprise businesses require tailored, holistic digital solutions incorporating attribution models, in-depth measurement & reporting with a strong focus on ROI. We are a team of experts who specialise in digital strategy and deliver high-performance solutions. An integrated, holistic approach is critical for leverage and ensuring fully measurable & profitable multi-channel results. Google Analytics reports can help you measure, manage, and analyze your ongoing marketing efforts to get the best return on your investment.

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Pop to the top and get found first with MARKETIZE digital marketing agency. Our range of professional marketing services can help you attract and engage more customers. We use proven best practices in design, messaging, web development and SEO for online marketing. Operating in the digital marketing space without data is like flying blind. It puts you at a disadvantage, as you’re not getting a full view of the landscape.

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Are you looking to find a marketing partner that can give you an online competitive edge? We can work with your existing partners or internal team to provide only the services that you require and add depth to your team. We will work with you to create a Digital Strategy that meets your needs and your budget. We offer the same data analytics to medium-sized enterprises as the big players, and we also provide fast-growth start ups.

We are a data-driven specialist team that delivers a unique combination strategy, logic, data analysis, and digital effectiveness. With over 20 years’ experience, Datamine is a leading analytics consultancy dedicated to connecting and empowering people to benefit from data analytics every day. Our team creates addictive analytics experiences that are focused on collaboration, innovation, and pragmatic excellence. If you’re ready for your data to be of value, we’re here to help. Conversion rate optimization answers these questions. It helps you understand your customers and how they interact online with your business, which ultimately leads to increased sales.