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We offer unlimited web design revisions on everything we design for you, until you approve the designs, as long as the revisions are in agreement with the original brief. If you completely change direction after we start designing or add to the original brief, then we will send you a quote to continue designing as per the new direction. To capture conversions on all devices, we’ll use a responsive web design approach to the development of your website. Your eCommerce website is too cluttered, the design is not appealing to your customers, your products can be difficult to find and/or your site is difficult to use. Even worse, they are putting items in a shopping cart but are not completing the checkout. Glenn wanted to sell his board riding products online so he engaged a Rocketspark partner to create a website.

We can also custom code additional features or plugins according to your needs. Our eCommerce websites are optimized to look great on all devices. They also work well on mobile devices. This will ensure that your customers have a positive shopping experience. We will build your brand’s online eCommerce presence with a razor-sharp strategy that has a record of delivering results. This is done by analysing your industry and using our digital expertise to create a roadmap for success. Our comprehensive service will guide you through every step to ensure that your new eCommerce website functions as you expect it to. To increase conversions, you should have multiple touch points with your customers.

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Our content management system allows you to add new products, update orders, or create a new page. Before you proceed with your website build, our design team will create wireframes for you and a high-fidelity home page. This will give you confidence and direction. Our design team will work directly with you to understand what you need and make your business stand out among the rest. You can view our designs in interactive tools, so you can get a true picture of your future ecommerce store. Our team is dedicated to create powerfully branded, seamless, and mobile responsive eCommerce websites that engage and converts your customers.

“I would like to thank the Koda web team and especially Simon Jones for his caring and professional approach when redeveloping our business website.” The average conversion rate for landing pages across industries is 2.35%. However, the top 25% convert at 5.31% or more. You want to break into the top 10 percent — these landing pages have conversion rates of 11.45% and higher. Marketing Automation can optimize your ecommerce activity, and increase your marketing efficiency. Once you approve the home page design, we will start designing the inner designs. We will send you the home page design within the first week for your feedback.

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Customers will find it easy to browse your product range and to locate a specific product. You are paying way too much for Shopify and/or other software and services that are required to keep the eCommerce functionality on your site working. With the SSL security certificate that we offer at no additional cost or effort, you can give your customers peace of mind knowing that their transaction data will be safe. With many Rocketspark ecommerce clients getting more than 50% of traffic to their website on mobile, a great buyer experience on mobile is critical.

Find out which campaigns, products, channels, and keywords are most successful and which ones should be abandoned. Write good descriptions – your eCommerce website is a sales tool, so use the description part of your product pages to do the selling. Don’t just describe what the product does, though, or its features. Instead, focus on benefits and appeal to your customers’ buying trigger points.