Facebook Advertising Works For Small Businesses In New Zealand?

Social media isn’t going anywhere, and it shouldn’t be overlooked in your business advertising strategy. We are experts in this area so we have covered some of the most common questions and options for Facebook advertising. If you’ve got any specific questions, give us a call or contact us through email – we’d love to chat. Our SMM team can help you stay ahead of the competition with quick results by using paid advertising & we will make sure you get a good return on investment by measuring results. Pixi is a great professional and friendly company to deal with and we recommend them to anyone needing SEO work.

How long should your Facebook ads be running?

Image ads. Facebook image ads, or photo ads, as some call them, feature a still image and accompanying copy and a call to action (CTA).

Sprocket Digital has handled all my requests so far with professionalism and promptness. I really enjoy the level of communication and the ease with which the team is approachable. A great company who listens to their clients needs. Sprocket has been a valuable addition to my business and I cannot recommend them enough. Particularly like the data driven methodology, transparency and friendliness. In just a few weeks, our sales have doubled. We look forward to working with Ronnie and Dan and the entire team in the future.

How Much Do Facebook Ads Cost In 2022?

Black Friday and Christmas-induced online shoppers lead more advertisers to the platform, increasing the number of competitors in an ad auction. Facebook advertising has the advantage of reaching your target audience. You can advertise to people by age, interests, behaviour, and location. Facebook advertising can be used to engage customers if you are really in touch with them.

This reporting helps you to track your spend, see how your ad campaign is performing, and constantly refine and improve your ads. It also allows for remarketing purposes with a lot of data. For many New Zealand businesses, Facebook advertising is a daunting topic. Business owners often wonder if Facebook ads are really worth it, and how to make the most of their ad campaigns. Online marketing is constantly changing and we are the experts who keep up with it all and provide regular training to ensure our team is always 10 steps ahead. Contact us for Social Media Ads no matter what level of Social Media Marketing you are at.