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We don’t believe in cutting corners and cheating the systemfor short-term gain. We will make sure your website and business appear in Google for as many products and services as you need. Potential customers who are searching for a product are more likely to be in the buying process than those who search for other products. We will help them get to your website so that you have the best chance of turning them into paying customers. It’s not a good sign if your Auckland SEO company can’t explain their SEO campaign or Digital Marketing in plain English. To improve your organic traffic, you should know where your money is going.

If this is your first time considering an seo agency then these are some of the questions which have been floating through your mind. Google Analytics is what we use for measuring your traffic growth. Google Analytics should be installed and configured correctly for all businesses that have a website. This will allow them to measure their success. Google search console allows us to track some of your organic keywords. This tool can also be used to submit your sitemap directly to Google, and to alert us if there are any issues with Google indexing. SEO is a great option for eCommerce websites, but it is often overlooked.

After all, if people didn’t find what they were looking for when searching Google, they won’t return. Contact us today to learn more about our SEO services Auckland and how we can help you get more traffic from Google. Our Auckland SEO improves the Google rankings of your website’s pages. In other words, your website and its pages will appear in a better position on Google’s SERPs results – Search Engine Results Pages. ACCOUNTABILITY OUTSIDE IN BLACK & WHIITE – We take accountability very seriously. If something goes wrong, we refuse to accept responsibility.

Don’t risk online cowboys that cut corners and the best practices. Their approach can be extremely dangerous to your website and your health. A penalty from Google can also have a significant impact on your future web traffic. Organic traffic includes visitors that get to your website via Google search, excluding those who click on an ad to get to your website .

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For example, long-tail targeting. Keywords can be achieved by adding a blog to your existing pages or improving your technical SEO on-page. But if your website does not rank well in the search engine, then it’s as good as invisible.

  • ACCOUNTABILITY OUTSIDE IN BLACK & WHIITE – We take accountability very seriously. If something goes wrong, we refuse to accept responsibility.
  • This step will focus on Semantic SEO, and internal linking. These are important aspects that can impact how your website ranks in search engines such as Google.
  • Google is like a big library and your website is a book in this library.
  • Next, we will make on-page changes. These are critical and open the door to the rest of your SEO campaign.