Play Starburst without spending your money

Slots are one of the most recognised by players for almost eight years. Starburst is considered one of the online options, most visited by players today. Since its inception, by the developers of NetEnt in 2011, it did not cause the sensation that was expected.

In the beginning, it was one more game on the list and did not count on the acceptance of the players. Over time, it has become a form of entertainment that attracts the most players, thanks to the spectacular design of the graphics and the impeccable presentation, has achieved many followers.

Another important and innovative aspect of Starburst is the variety of titles concerning themes of the future, which have been presented in the arcade genre, which has captivated the attention of many passionate players in this style.

There is a wide range of casinos that offer extraordinary bonuses and for free, for those who wish to enjoy Starburst. This is a determining factor when attracting users because they come with magnificent conditions, which in most cases are impossible to reject.

To obtain these bonuses it is not necessary to deposit money, but the requirement that they demand in several casinos is that a deposit is made for a fairly small amount. Once this parameter is met, you can choose the Money for free.

What is Starburst?

This slot has a design that is not complicated, each of the symbols is shown through a video, which allows the player to identify himself, immediately, with the five drums that appear in all the games with a little bit of fantasy, which both the players like and hence its great popularity.

Likewise, it offers a series of very clear graphics, in which the symbols with BAR, sevens and valuable precious stones stand out. As the game progresses, the player delights in the sound effects, settling inside a spaceship and resembling a trip to outer space.

The center of the game is the Starburst Wild Feature, everything else complements the action. The mechanics are very simple and are structured in an intelligent way. The games that allow you to win the bonuses are not eccentric or those that lead to the free spins.

It has 3 rows, 5 drums and offers 10 lines to win, with the advantage that the combinations work for both sides of the reel, which means that there are 20 lines to win. If you manage to group between 3 and 5 symbols that are similar on the lines, you can get cash.

Icons seven and BAR are the ones that provide a higher payment, with which 120 or 250 credits are obtained when there are five equal symbols in the drum. In addition, you can see bright gemstones of various colors, which do not offer very high payments.

This game attracts attention for its simplicity. The main function of the wild card is basic to obtain the maximum gains. The star shape with the spectacular colors of the rainbow represents the wild card when it appears between the reels 2 and 4.

Its goal is to position itself in the position that is necessary, to make the combination ideal for a reward. But it also has another very useful function, because it expands and this constitutes its primary objective.

When present in the drums, the star expands and is placed in the place occupied by the three pieces to offer another turn. This action can be developed a maximum of five times if the star is in the center drums.

At the moment when the Wild expands in the drum, it is immobilized, so that the other drums rotate. This gives a greater possibility of obtaining profit achieving the perfect combination. If you manage to align three central drums with Wild and the two remaining drums continue, you could get up to 50,000 coins.

The options that Starburst offers to make bets are very varied, starting from £0.10 and reaching up to £100, which covers a large number of players.

This game has maintained its popularity over the years and it can be affirmed that it has been increased. With the fascinating designs and sound effects, they capture the attention of the game strategy that Starburst Wild Feature provides.

Turns have been included that provide more free opportunities and amazing rewards with Free Spins. Starburst captivates the player because it allows him to enter a traditional game and offers impressive prizes as he develops.