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Google is well-known for changing how they prioritise the most relevant content to their users. Our SEO work doesn’t stop once setup is complete. We create engaging content that drives targeted traffic to your site and builds loyalty. Developing strong digital content that’s relevant to your brand is a core SEO activity that has substantial offshoot benefits. “Since 1998, we have been designing great websites and consistently getting top search engine rankings for hundreds of clients.”

How do I do SEO on my website?

Publish Relevant, Authoritative Content.

Ben works very hard for his customers, and brings a great deal of experience to any project. We highly recommend his services to any company serious about improving their on-line presence. Search engines will find relevant citations about your company, which increases your chances of ranking higher in both local and organic results. It can also be used to increase expertise, authority, and trust (E.A.T.). factors. We can help any local business, regardless of size, that is based in the Christchurch area.

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There is a lot of work involved, plus search engines don’t get to pick up on the improvements immediately. We are able to speak with confidence about international brand growth – the challenges and the potential opportunities that await us, and so forth. Keywords will guide your entire SEO campaign. It’s important to get your keyword research done by experts to ensure your safety. Keywords are what will help you identify your target audience and their search habits in relation to your products.

Your success as an ecommerce shop depends on your ability capture quality leads and convert them to paying customers. Up in terms of search engine ranking, up in terms of sales, and getting one up over your competitors. Did you know that 20% of all search queries in Google are location-specific? The web has become the go-to place for people looking for a local business/service. Most users do a “near search” when looking for a service whilst others might include the location in the search query. We are able to provide flawless service because of our strong frontend and backend development skills.

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You eventually help them solve their problem. If you are looking for some SEO services in Christchurch, then I’d love to help you. SEO is like working on your look without makeup. Professional SEO Services make it easy to improve the User experience. SEO Services Christchurch removes the need for you to pay to rank organically.

Optimizing your website for search engines such as Google is a smart strategy to attract qualified leads. Web Genius Canterbury offers proven SEO services to Christchurch businesses. We use only approved SEO techniques to help your site achieve a high ranking. We don’t take shortcuts or use black hat methods that would cause Google to instantly penalise your site. Did you know 4 out of 5 people use Google search to find local information?

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Bluelight also utilises other market-specific and high-authority citations that will work in tandem with our hyperlocal citations to create the perfect web of engagement for your potential customer-base. Ranking higher in search results can be achieved by knowing the keywords you should use and when and where they should be used. Ranking keywords are constantly changing, and finding the right keywords to include is a battle that you can never truly rest from. As well, knowing where and when to place those keywords in order to achieve ultimate ranking on search results is a puzzle whose pieces are constantly shifting sides. Bluelight is a company that works tirelessly to find the patterns so you can always be on top.

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We will create a custom SEO plan for your brand that will positively affect your earnings, net income and/or earnings per shares. Our results do not come by luck, that’s why we are willing to put so much at stake. First Page was not the best SEO agency in Christchurch by chance.

Our SEO team offers a variety services, including keyword research and competitor analysis. Did you know that 4/5 people use Google to find local information? Every day, people search for ‘Tattoo artist Merivale’, ‘Locksmith Port Hills’, and ‘Florist Cashmere’. All those searches would be sent directly to your competitors without SEO.

Is SEO organic or paid?

  • These are the basics. Then we’ll move on to more advanced strategies. That’s why we’re confident we can help your site rank on the first page of Google with us as your partner in digital growth. Our services are suitable for any business regardless of industry. At Do Good Things, our team of digital account managers, developers, designers and content creators work closely to curate a strategy and tactical action plan for your SEO needs. Search engine optimization is one of the most effective, affordable ways to grow your E-commerce store and boost your revenue. When you rank at the top of search results, more people can find and contact your business.