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If none are selected the search will return results for all the extensions listed below. When choosing a domain name, you want it to be easy to remember, as well as have it reflect your branding and tone of your future website. TLD or top-level domain is a part of a URL that identifies elements connected with a particular website, such as its location or objective.

You might want to do this perhaps to protect your intellectual property. Whatever your reasons, you can register a .nz domain in your name. Shorter names are better when it comes to memorable domain names. A shorter domain name will be remembered more easily. The domain name should be easy to type without any slang words or words with more than one spelling.

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VpsCity is a trusted partner for setting up a personalised domain for Kiwis. Affordable Domains gives you access to more than 60 different domain name extensions worldwide. Google, and all the search engines, use content to decide what websites to show for different queries people look for online. Your website will be more likely to appear higher on the list if it contains accurate and relevant information.

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All you have to do is go to a domain name registrar, enter the name you would like to use and proceed to register your new domain name. There are five reliable, reputable domain name registrars available. Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started with your domain name search. Both domain extensions can be profitable and perfectly okay, but many New Zealanders opt for domain hosting nz and cheap domain nz that has the .nz extension.

One thing is certain: your domain name won’t be renewed and fees owed to the domain registrar won’t be paid. This could lead to your website being removed from the internet. Or worse, your domain name could be sold and you will lose it forever. If it gets on-sold to one of your competitors, chances are you can kiss your business goodbye too. You can transfer Domain Names to other people or entities by calling customer service at 0800 BUSINESS. Our usual service request fee will apply.

  • You can choose to go with a different name if you want.
  • This is a great option if you just need to register a domain name without all the extras.
  • Different minimum registration periods apply to the Domain Name Service depending on which Domain Name you choose.
  • For Australian’s buying this works out to be roughly $18.10.

You might think all domain name services are created equal, but you’d be very wrong about that. Shopify is the best domain registrar if you’re looking to set up an online store. Your online business will thrive if you can gain and keep your customers’ trust. Our security products and services can help you provide a safe environment for your customers to transact business with your company.

It not only helps you rank higher in search results, it lets your clients know what you’re all about. We offer industry-standard servers and the most recent hosting technologies to make your site run faster. For organisations and service providers directly related to the NZ internet. We recommend two-factor authentication for all logins you have, as this will help keep your details, account and services secure.

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  • Any company can register a .nz domain name, including third level TLDs, such as It is a good idea to register a domain name for easy access for certain businesses. It is as simple as buying a domain for your business to buy a personal domain.