Social Media Marketing

Most businesses looking to grow their social media presence should be investing at least 2 to 3 hours per week into their posting and community engagement activities. Not all social media companies are created equal, but a good agency can align your customer-facing channels with your business goals. A good agency will look beyond vanity metrics such as page likes and focus on the things that really matter to your business. Video is the most engaging medium for social media content. However, most businesses cannot afford to hire a full time videographer.

Our specialists are available to assist you. Their field is specialized and they have years of experience working with international, national and local companies. We’ve been in the game for a long-time, constantly staying up to date with Google’s changes. Having partnerships with some of the biggest publishers and brands in the world gives our clients an advantage with BETA testing with the latest tools, features and data available to you. We work across multiple platforms, that we have tested over the years to ensure they drive performance and business outcomes for our clients.

Display Advertising

We continuously analyze and adapt online campaigns to ensure they are as successful as possible. Our in-house graphic design team make you look great online and off. We tackle everything from complete brand creation to print collateral and website graphics.

  • Learn how your social media platforms are performing and how social media ads are performing.
  • Social Media can be viewed from the perspective of a company as both an active advertising channel and online word of mouth. This makes it a powerful marketing tool.
  • She inspired me enormously and got my confidence to a point where I was excited to give social media marketing a go!
  • Firefly is a social media marketing agency in Auckland, but we love to work with clients throughout both New Zealand and Australia.

A clear scoping discussion gave the project an understandable and measurable roadmap for the website and SEO project. If driving conversions in the short-term are your goal, you should consider using our paid social media advertising services. Learn how your social media platforms are performing and how social media ads are performing. Your social media specialist will prepare monthly reports for you to review and analyse. Our reporting software Verum Analytics will allow you to monitor your social media campaigns’ progress 24 hours a day. We can also set up monthly meetings to discuss your advertising progress and social media.

Local Team

However SEO is a long-term strategy that when done properly, can explode your leads and sales. We can increase your website traffic, conversions, and keep you there. We are a performance digital marketing agency which is completely channel agnostic. We don’t have any hidden agendas. We simply reverse engineer the attention of your clients and help you create a winning strategy around digital channels that will best serve your goals. We understand how businesses can leverage social media for marketing, communication, customer loyalty and customer activation. As a result, we design smart strategies for our clients and their audiences.

From SME’s to large corporates – we can take the reins and get you results. We’ll create social media content strategy and craft content that makes your posts stand out and speak directly to your audience’s needs. In social media, community managers and customer service people are very different, as is the way they inform the organisation to do better business. Using photos help your ads blend in with a user’s feed, deeming them almost unrecognisable from their everyday content.

Website Development

Search Republic has been providing excellent service for managing Google ads for Wintec over many years. No matter who was the account manager, the responsiveness to customer needs and customer service were always top-notch. It has been a pleasure to work with Search Republic on both long-term and short-term campaigns.